MEDPHARMA Facilities

MEDPHARMA has world class facilities established according to the international adopted policies and the highest standards of production practices.


Oral Cephalosporin Section

  • Annual Capacity - 300 million Bottles
  • Annual Capacity - 280 million Capsules 
  • Annual Capacity - 400 million Tablets per year 
  • Oral Cephalosporin Section produces all forms of oral Cephalosporin products (such as powder for suspension, capsules & tablets).


Solid Dosage Forms Section

  • Annual Capacity - 630 million Tablets
  • Solid Dosage Forms Section specializes in production of non-sterile solid dosage forms such as tablets, capsules, and chewable tablets. 
  • This fully automated plant uses the highly sophisticated processes which handles the transfer of raw material through closed systems, without cross contamination


Oral Syrup Forms Section

  • Annual Capacity - 280 million bottles
  • Oral Syrup Forms Section specializes in production of non-sterile syrup dosage forms such as syrups and suspensions. 
  • This fully automated section production with minimal human intervention at any stage of production.


Semi Solid Forms Section

  • Annual Capacity - 250 million tubes
  • Semi Solid Forms Section specializes in production of non-sterile semi solid dosage forms such as cream, ointment and gel.
  • This plant has the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment, this section is equipped with fully automatic filling machines


OTC Forms Section

  • Automatic and semi-automatic filling machines are used in the OTC department for the filling of a range of OTC products.
  • This section is supported by the preparation area which is equipped with mixing vessels of capacity varying from 650-3000 liters


Online Beratung - form

Online Beratung - page

Please add as much Information as possible such as;

- Reporter name, patient name, both their contact details,

- suspected drug details – name of the drug, Batch number, reason For use, and a brief summary of the adverse event or product quality complaint.