What we do

  • Formulating and manufacturing of non-patented generics (Licensing Out) for any third party along with complete registration files. 
  • Partnership or alliance with European, North American, South American and Asian manufacturers of generics for entry into economic markets. 
  • Acquisition of know-how for new products from reputable manufacturers or research organizations. 
  • Licensing patent products from reputable firms


Our mission is to operate as a quality centric UAE based pharmaceutical producer for the betterment of people through the adaptation of world-class standards of operation and to enforce a culture conducive to high ethics and efficacy of consumer pharma products.


Medpharma is a UAE based integrated pharmaceuticals manufacturer. It offers a diversified portfolio of branded and non-patented generics. Medpharma’s goal is to become a leading regional player, through the adaptation of world-class standards of operation. It enforces a culture conducive to high ethical standards and quality control. Committed to providing innovative health solutions to the wider regional communities through environmentally friendly production platforms.


Online Beratung - form

Online Beratung - page

Please add as much Information as possible such as;

- Reporter name, patient name, both their contact details,

- suspected drug details – name of the drug, Batch number, reason For use, and a brief summary of the adverse event or product quality complaint.